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Writing a Newspaper Report

Sometimes instead of an essay the academic assignments require to write a report. This kind of work is rather different. First of all this is a business or scientific paper that should be well-structured and focused on the result of some activity. It is expected to be short and precise and usually it is intended to be read by the particular audience.

It contains the analysis of some problematic issue or situation, describing all the details of the event and offering the conclusions of the reporter and probably his recommendations as to the solution or measures which should be taken. As far as this is a factual paper, it must contain only true proved information and has the clear form. Though, the arrangement of the content can be different depending on the subject, tutor, institution or the courses. Creation of the social services report differs from writing a lab report, as you understand. That is why in the very beginning the guidelines should be found out.

How to make a report really good?

The report writing allows the teacher to assess the level of competency of a student, his skills to apply the received knowledge in order to give the reasonable interpretation of the suggested situation. A proper report includes evidence relevant to the considered problem or issue. All the information is offered in brief. In general the style should be very consistent and logical; we’d say it should be even meagre with use of special vocabulary. In the result your report should be able to explain its purpose adhering to specifications, contain all the relevant facts and offer the conclusions resulting from the evidence and analysis. And there are some individual tips like writing a newspaper report you should concentrate on emotions, that is impossible when you work at the report about business or scientific research.

Ok, if you are going to cope with this task by yourself, you should follow the further stages:

  • First, do your best to understand the purpose of the report reading the instruction attentively. The interests and preferences of the people for which the paper is developed should be clear.
  • Now you can start looking for the information and selecting the needed facts. They can be taken from any sources: books, journals, original reports, surveys, scientific articles, questionnaires and others. The depth of research depends on the purpose and your instructions. Reading the facts you should determine their relevance to the report.
  • The selected information should be arranged after all. Decide what sequence is the best following the plan.
  • Reconsider the result. At this stage the conclusion already can be thought over. Is this material enough to draw the conclusion? Do you feel there is a lack of data or some pieces of information conflict with each other? Remember that the report should be well-structured.
  • It’s time to write the paper if the above stages are performed in a proper way. It will be the first draft. You can begin with summary. Create chapters and sections to help you to follow the structure.
  • Review the result and change it if you think it needs to be changed. There can be a lot of difficult points demanding the specialists participation, for example for technical report writing. Do you feel up to? If you do not, think over the professional assistance.

When you are satisfied with the content, logic and style of the writing, pay your attention to presentation. The headings of chapters should be clear, the requirements of the instruction are observed, the numeration should be correct. Ensure that there are no spelling and grammar errors.


Recommended structure

We offer you a general guide how to write a report following the appropriate structure. But the priority should be placed on the instruction given by the tutor. Still it will help you to decide if you want to be involved in this activity or you’d rather turn to the professionals and place the order for writing the report.

So, let’s start:

  1. Title page contains brief and formal information describing the purpose of the paper given additional details of the author, the audience and so on.
  2. Terms of reference are a short article explaining the above brief information just in a single paragraph.
  3. Summary is dedicated to the content of the work covering the purposes, the conclusion is made and what action should be taken in the author’s opinion. It is expected to occupy half of the page. It should not include details or discussions - just main ideas to catch the interest of the reader.
  4. Table of contents is a list of your chapters and sections mentioning headings and page numbers.
  5. Introduction is the first full-featured chapter setting the ideas of the whole report. Here the objectives are explained, the research methods are described, and used backgrounds are mentioned.
  6. Methods should be revealed completely. It means that the equipment, technologies, materials, procedures involved to achieve the result with is reported should be explained.
  7. Results of the research or experiment or activity are laid in this section. Here the graphs, diagrams, tables are presented without comment.
  8. Discussion of the above data is the next step. This is the main part of the report suggesting the analysis of the issue. It is the longest chapter that can be divided into some sections with headings. All the material is arranged here and structured clearly.
  9. Conclusion is intended to show the importance of the investigation and remind the key points of the result without adding the new facts.
  10. Appendices are needed to mention all the information used for analysis in the form of graphs, tables, surveys and alike.
  11. Bibliography includes the published sources of the information, arranged in an alphabetical order by author. The rules for this chapter are determined by a tutor usually.
  12. And at the end you should write a glossary of technical terms.

We’ll do it better!

All the above information will help you to cope with the work if you want to apply your writing skills. But there are a lot of hidden pitfalls. You should always remember about the style, avoiding jargon, using plain words, clear expressions, short sentences and such and such. Do not forget that the facts should be exact. It is rather complicated to arrange all the things. And here we are. Our writers are experienced in this type of writing and can stick to the style adhering to the above mentioned items without a failure. It is easy for them to be involved in writing a scientific report or writing school reports. Obviously, the level of these two works differs. And we’ll guarantee the high quality of both of them.

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Write a Report
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