Personal Essay Writing – How to Write – Ideas & Examples – Text Essay

Personal Essay Writing – How to Write – Ideas & Examples

Personal Essay Writing – How to Write – Ideas & Examples

A personal essay allows to write on a free topic but demands evaluation of the content.


  1. Why a personal essay is important
  2. What manner to choose
  3. Structure of essays
  4. Read other works
  5. What you should avoid
  6. Literacy and eloquence
  7. Plot and characters
  8. Online essay writer

Why a personal essay is important

Personal essays allow showing individual features of a person and peculiarities of his or her character. Tests, disclosing personal features, are often required for school tests or for applying for a job. They give a possibility to get a fresh look at a student or an employee. They show:

  • the way of thinking,
  • personal interests,
  • ability to express thoughts,
  • erudition.

The attitude to an essay depends on knowledge of the theme, literacy, original ideas, emotional component, the information it gives, the impression it produces. At the same time, it is only a part of the complex of measures for getting acquainted with a person.

All the same, it is important to know how to write a personal essay because such kind of texts has its peculiarities. They do not limit the self-expression of a writer, but on the contrary, they help him to do everything properly. Instructions for essay writing are based on the rules which exist for a long time and renew in small things, but not on the merits. What concerns them is the style of presentation, the structure of an essay and the existence of a conclusion from the narrated story. The latter makes it possible to distinguish simple impressions and description of events from deep thoughts.

Example. After a meeting with a veteran of the war, I realized how hard it is for these people to come back to a peaceful life.

In this example, the main attention is concentrated on the conclusion how difficult it is for a military man to adapt to civil life. But it looks more like a topic sentence. So, it may be added by other clarifying details to give the text more personality.

What manner to choose

There are different means of presentation of your thoughts. At least, the plot of your story may develop in two main ways:

  • your reaction to the event,
  • reasoning about the problem.

If you talk about some event, you describe it, tell the audience about its essence, express your opinion, explain what is the problem and how it may be solved. The event may be of any kind. For example, you failed your test at school and it gave you unpleasant experiences. You had to reconsider your attitude to the subject. Efforts that you have made to correct, taught you diligence and accuracy.

Reasoning about the problem is a more complicated manner of writing a personal essay. It needs more intellectual efforts because it is usually devoted to some common problem. A good example of it is “On Laziness” by Christoper Morley. As it is commonly believed, laziness is a negative quality, but Morley finds arguments why it is not so. This is his personal opinion but it is so attractive that one cannot miss it. In both cases, with the test failure and with the laziness justification, there is some conflict which makes us think about it. If your text does the same, you are on your way to success.

Structure of essays

Usually, an essay consists of three basic parts. They are:

  • introduction,
  • body,
  • conclusion.

The first and the third parts are not big and may include one or two paragraphs. The second part is the main one and it is significantly larger in size. It may be also subdivided into several parts. In order to make parts a unit, you should write a plan. This is a very helpful thing because you understand what and where you say. It does not limit your freedom as in the majority of cases plans slightly change by the end of the story. Anyway, it helps to collect necessary thoughts and speak on merits.

Though all the text must revolve around one idea, it should be logically interconnected. Thus, there must be bridges between the introduction, parts of body and conclusion. It does not mean that you have to repeat one and the same thing. Just come back from time to time to the main thread of the narrative. Remember that you are a storyteller. It means that if you want to be understood better, you should express yourself clearly and consistently. If you want to know how to write a good essay, read the best works and you will see, that most of them are well built structurally.

Read other works

There are many examples of good personal essays which can give an idea how to write a story. They may be found on the Internet or even in the public library. The essay is the genre which exists for a long time. That is why good examples may be given not only by your contemporaries but by the famous authors such as Christopher Morley who lived in the first half of the 20th century. His work “On Laziness” is the example of a personal opinion — category of the essay when the subject is some topic. Another category, when the subject is some experience, is also often met in literature and text examples.

Reading other works helps to feel style, content, and way of conveying information in essays.

After acquaintance with a large number of stories, it will be easier for you to write your own one. It does not mean you will borrow any ideas or events. For some period of time, you will just perceive the world through personal essay writing manner. Maybe, thanks to other people’s experience some new ideas will come to you, too. Maybe you will see what you should avoid in your story. Anyway, it will be more comfortable to write a useful work that will interest the reader.

What you should avoid

Although any creative work implies freedom of presentation, there are things you should avoid. Of course, a personal essay, or how it is also called a statement essay, is not so limited as, for example, an admission one. And, surely, it is far from academic essays, where structure and content must meet strict requirements. But you can’t say all that comes to your mind because a personal statement essay is not only your story but also your characteristic. It shows what you think and how you treat different things. That is why you should avoid anything that prevents a reader from understanding you.

If you strive to write a good essay do not say about different things simultaneously.

You cannot embrace the vast. Choose one subject and speak about it. If you describe some event and your attitude to it do not make a thriller out of your story. Avoid themes which are considered to be mauvais ton (fr. bad manners). If you write about some problem, do not make your speech shocking — it will prevent a reader from the clear understanding of your ideas. Do not brag about your successes or present yourself as a loser. Write a balanced piece as if you wanted to maintain a long dialogue with the interlocutor.

Literacy and eloquence

While writing a story you use the language. Maybe it is one of the most significant moments. Only with its help, you can communicate with a reader. It means that you need to be accurate with everything: choice of words, rules of writing, number of passages, and so on. Literacy will help you to bring emotions and to arrange semantic pauses. Exclamation marks, commas, question marks, colons, dashes, dots will show where you want to pay attention to an episode or want to stop and finish the thought. They mark emotional moments and you should refresh in memory how to use them properly.

The brighter is the image you draw in the story, the stronger is the impression it produces on a reader.

For this purpose make your expressions juicy, pay attention to the rhythm of your textual presentation. Your words will sound in one’s head and it is better to read the story you have written aloud. It will help to feel its beat. And then you can ask yourself: “Do I write my essay so that one could feel what I feel?” Thus, choosing right words gives a possibility to make the story eloquent. Thanks to it and of course to a good idea the writer will be understood and appreciated deservedly.

Plot and characters

A personal essay is not so limited in content as other types. It lets make the plot of a story more vivid and characters are shaped brighter. Even if you describe some event from the first person or express your own opinion there is always some place for other personages. Their actions and words help to form a context of the story, make it deeper and more imaginative.

Compare the examples.

  1. I entered the cafe. I don’t like tea, but this time I bought a cup of green one. I sat down at the table and looked out the window. It was at that moment that everything happened.
  2. I quickly entered the cafe. Visitors stared at me. Only a man in the suit went on eating his sandwich passionlessly. I bought a cup of green tea and sat in front of him. Suddenly a long-legged waitress screamed and pointed her finger at the window. It was at that moment that everything happened.

The first example is too dry and shows what happens only with the main character. The situation is not described in details and it is more difficult to plunge into the situation. The second example allows seeing other personages with their peculiarities (man in the suit, long-legged waitress). It gives a possibility not only to understand the course of events but also to feel them better.

No doubt, you know what is the best way to write your own story. But take into consideration personal essay help ideas and pay attention to good examples. It will help to impress people who will read your essay later.

Online essay writer

When you are short of time or have some other difficulties preventing from writing a personal essay, ask for help from an online essay writer. He will do all his best to make your story sound brilliantly and let you improve your scores. Good writers have a successful portfolio and it guarantees that your essay will be distinguished from others as an outstanding work.

If you decide to write a personal essay yourself, follow the recommendations. They are based on the experience of writing essays and positive reviews of teachers and employers.

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