College Essay Writing – Your 7 Steps Guide – Text Essay

College Essay Writing – Your 7 Steps Guide

College Essay Writing – Your 7 Steps Guide

Types of college essay require different approaches. Here are universal steps which are helpful for personal, admission and academic works.

College Essay Writing

  1. Choose your theme
  2. Make a plan
  3. Practice on a draft
  4. Follow the structure
  5. Use appropriate sources
  6. Make the work correctly
  7. Edit the essay

Choose your theme

You can not just start writing about anything that comes into your head. It will be anything else but not a well-organized story. Taking into consideration that other people will read it and give their opinion, you should care about their time and nerves. It is easy to do if you start from the definition of the theme of your work. Surely, it must be something that is very interesting for you. It may be connected with your life or realm of science which you study. Your interest is not just something abstractly good, it is the way to stimulate your brains to work better.

Themes may vary depending on the type of an essay. For a personal essay, it may be some event from your life or some global problem. For a college application essay, it must be something that will show your passion for knowledge and will demonstrate readiness to study diligently. For an academic text, it must be some phenomenon. Writing about it, you demonstrate the ability to analyze, compare and draw conclusions. For each case, you choose or are advised a corresponding theme, on which you have got something to say.

Make a plan

Make a plan

Whatever you write it must be easy to understand. Logic helps it and your thoughts have to be connected with each other. The best way to achieve a harmonious text is to make a plan before writing anything. Thanks to it you:

  • put in order all the thoughts in the head,
  • get a whole picture of the plot,
  • work out the sequence of presentation.

Nobody sits and starts writing about anything without preparation. Besides thoughts, you have to collect necessary stuff beginning with evidence of an experiment and ending with a bibliography list. Your plan will help you to do this without any doubt.

Making a plan may be preceded by some draft work. On a sheet of paper draw a circle in the center and enter your theme. Make lines from it like rays from the sun and add things which may be connected with the theme. Going on this way you will get, firstly, a visual diagram of your work and, secondly, the source of items for your plan. After maybe several drafts you will work out a clear plan which will help in writing a good essay. Thanks to it all parts of the text will be logically connected to each other and a reader will better understand what you want to say.

Practice on a draft

If you have time to prepare for your essay, use it with profit for yourself. You can write a test variant of your story and practice giving facts, using words and forming style. The best thing for writing a draft is that you may write anything that comes into your head. This is a good possibility for brainstorm, search of ideas and checking arguments. You write all you need to say according to the rules of essay writing and see how it works. You read attentively details and see what will stay and what must be replaced.

For a personal essay, it is a chance to experiment with the plot development. Whether it is good to just articulate a logical chain of events or it is better to describe them in details. Should characters of personages be revealed fully or it is better to mark main peculiarities? If there is a question how to write an argumentative essay, a draft helps to find convincing arguments. When an admission story is required, planning and writing practice help to navigate quickly in the choice of words and ideas. In the majority of cases practice on a draft results in a better score for a fair work.

Follow the structure


An essay as an independent type of writing work exists for a long time and has its own rules. In the majority of cases the rules a similar, but they may slightly differ. In general, an essay consists of three main parts:

  • introduction,
  • body,
  • conclusion.

Usually the first and the third parts are of a paragraph length. Not much place is necessary to state main ideas as an occasion for discussion and as a consequence of reasoning. The biggest one is the second part. It may include several paragraphs. All the important events, reactions to them, thoughts, arguments, confirmation of hypotheses, their refutation, observations, character descriptions and other things should fit in the middle of the story — its body.

The most interesting thing is that though introduction is the first item of an essay structure, as a matter of fact, it must be written after body. The reason for this strange succession is in the necessity to accurately announce what is considered to be the essence of the story. Sometimes this item in essay writing help is insufficiently accented. But it is better to follow this consequence if you want the reader to be correctly oriented. The correspondence between the conclusion of the entry and the logic of events in the main part is also of no small importance.

Use appropriate sources

Sources that you use for your text should be reliable. It is important, first of all, for academic essays. Scientific research, articles from academic journals, literary works of famous writers are the basis for a quality work. By the way, they must not be too old. A time period within which they were written must be five or ten last years. Results of scientific research are constantly changing. Even something that was a sensation last year now may occur out of date. If you want to increase the level of your work, try to use the latest news of the scientific world.

Sometimes to use an authoritative source, there is a desire to refer to Wikipedia. It is not a good idea because Wikipedia is not a primary source. This role is more suitable for information about an experiment, taken in laboratory, video of a fact, a real historical evidence and so on. If you use such sources, then you understand how to write an academic essay and have chances for high scores. Wikipedia may be used for general moments about the subject as well as for useful sources which usually may be found under the text in the encyclopedia.

The situation with reliable sources is rather easier when you write college admission essays. In most cases, you may more rely upon your life experience than on the works of prominent scientists. Admission officers are interested in your possibility to find something interesting in your life, study it and express your point of view on the subject. In this situation, your source is your personal experience but if you can add something from the academic world, perhaps, it may increase your scores. Only do not try to look clever — just write something really enthralling.

Make the work correctly

To get a good score the work must correspond to existing requirements. And though, first of all, an essay is written to share some information, there are some rules of appearance, which must be kept. They are especially important for academic works because much of scientific stuff is used and it must be clear who has given information. For this purpose citation and bibliography are used and students must choose which style they prefer. For example, it depends on citation style where additional information on the subject appears — in the same sentence or at the bottom of the page.

Another insignificant, at first glance, feature is formatting. Instructions may require variants of line spacing, total text length, font size and so on. They are usually set by default, but you may remember on the off-chance that standard legible font is 12 pt, and you must leave at least 1-inch margins on all sides of a page. After all, you always may read formatting guidelines or ask the instructor to consult you. Usually, instructors are ready to answer any question and explain everything that is unclear.

The language, which you use for this or that type of essay, is different. Perhaps you know how to write a cause and effect essay and especially the fact is that language in it must stay neutral. In a personal or admission work you may rely on eloquence, but in an academic text, everything must be balanced. There is no aim to provoke emotions. On the contrary, here they are superfluous. At the same time, literacy is equally useful in any kind of essay. Grammar, punctuation and right tone also influence on scores.

Edit the essay

As soon as your work is ready, do not rush to give or to send the story. Even if you know well how to write a college essay and you feel that everything is ok, it may be just a misleading impression. While writing the story you are inside it and estimate it from the point of view of a writer. After you completed your work, you have to go out of it and look at it from the point of view of a reader. In most cases checking the work leads to corrections of mistakes or editing of the content. It is normal and it is necessary to do with every essay.

Experienced people say that before editing a story it is better to take a break. It is true because you may be tired and miss moments which must be corrected. A good way to achieve a high quality of your work is to read it aloud. The sound of words immediately shows weaknesses which must be removed. If you can read your story to anybody else it will help to edit your work, too. Do not be afraid to change something if it seems doubtful to you. Trust your intuition but rely on facts. It is especially important for academic essays.

There are situations when you are short of time or have a lot of work to do, or there is something else that prevents you from writing an essay by yourself. In such cases, you may turn to professional authors who write essays for money. Usually, they know well what is necessary for this or that type of essay, are experts in the subject, and do their work as soon as possible. Such services work on condition of anonymity. They add all necessary information to the essay at the request of the customer. Costs for such services are not high and such assistance is available for anyone who wants.

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